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A downloadable game for Windows

According to Hebrew apocrypha, Eremiel is the angel who guards over the entrance to the Abyss where all souls travel after they leave this world.  After a short time down there, they give penance for their sins and emerge through the gate where they are greeted by Eremiel who then guides their way to Heaven.  One day, the gate goes quiet.  Many souls who should have come through are nowhere to be found.  Eremiel enters the Abyss in search of the lost souls and finds a sinister plan in motion.

Eremiel is an action-adventure game made with RPG Maker MV.  I highly recommend that you play it with a gamepad unless you're really skilled with keyboard movement.  Get ready to blast your way through the Abyss, run for your life, collect power ups and upgrade your weapon and armor.  Fight wicked demon bosses in order to find out what they're scheming.

Playtime is about 1 hour.  This game was made for IGMC 2017.  Thanks for playing!

Created by Frogboy for IGMC 2017

Title Screen Image: bngdesigns

Scripts By: Galv, Yanfly, SumRndmDde, Philipp Brede

Special Thanks To: Enterbrain, Victor Moura

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Published 15 days ago
Tags16-bit, 2D, Action-Adventure, angels, demons, Dungeon Crawler, gamepad


Download 180 MB

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