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According to Hebrew apocrypha, Eremiel is the angel who guards over the entrance to the Abyss where all souls travel after they leave this world.  After a short time down there, they give penance for their sins and emerge through the gate where they are greeted by Eremiel who then guides their way to Heaven.  One day, the gate goes quiet.  Many souls who should have come through are nowhere to be found.  Eremiel enters the Abyss in search of the lost souls and finds a sinister plan in motion.

Eremiel is an action-adventure game made with RPG Maker MV.  It plays better with a gamepad but is still enjoyable with keyboard movement.  Get ready to blast your way through the Abyss, collect power ups, upgrade your weapon and armor, and fight wicked demon bosses in order to find out what they're scheming.

Feature Highlights 

  • Action combat, no battle screens.
  • Enemies drop power ups like fireballs that explode on impact and thunder that fires in all directions.
  • Different types of on-map enemies that have their own abilities and properties.
  • A more personal story ties in with main plot and is revealed to you in a series of flashbacks throughout the game.
  • Upgradable attack and defense. Your basic attack starts out weak but by the end of the game is about on part with the power ups.
  • Enemy bosses with their own movement and attack patterns.

Playtime is about 1 hour.  This game was originally made for IGMC 2017 but has since been updated.  Thanks for playing!

Created by Frogboy for IGMC 2017

Title Screen Image: bngdesigns

Scripts By: Galv, Yanfly, SumRndmDde, Philipp Brede

Special Thanks To: Enterbrain, Victor Moura, Whtdragon and to everyone who provided feedback on my game so that I could continue to improve it


Eremiel_Win_v1.5.zip 165 MB
Eremiel_Linux_v1.5.zip 170 MB


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This review is for the version 1.4 so I don't know any future fixes but here's my experience:

You play as angel with the name of Emeriel and your mission is to rescue the lost souls  in the Abyss and find out who closed the gates to reach heaven.

Is a kind of dungeon crawler shooting game, and I actually had fun playing it, I think this game can be hard but no unfair, it heavily reminded me the times I played the original Binding Of Isaac, you just have to be very careful and very patient and at those moments like when I had 1 in my lifebar while trying to get back to the savepoint really made me feel tense and I love games like that. 

And about the story, it's not that plot heavy but I don't think it needs to be, it has a decent plot at least when it comes to the protagonist and other character I won't spoil, on the other hand I do think the bosses need a little bit more of story interaction into them but this game was made in less than a month so it's very understandable. 

What it does lack it's uniqueness, it does look a lot like an RPGMaker game and I think that's limiting the game, I also must say that I've seen the developer update this game constantly so it will probably become an even better game that is right now, overall I felt satisfied after finishing the game and I wouldn't say is awesome but it's definitely a pretty good game. 


Thank you so much for the review!  It, along with the other information that you provided, has helped me out tremendously.  Pretty much all of the improvements for version 1.5 were due to your assistance.  It is a better game because of your help.  You rock!